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Product Quality
Quality Control

Herrick Filter's Design may be copied but Never the Quality. The goal of our Quality Control Program is to insure that the filters leaving our plant are consistently of the highest quality we are capable of producing. The program features test which defines functional performance of the product in various angles. Raw materials are thoroughly inspected and tested in our laboratory to insure that they meet our demanding specifications. Materials that don't measure up to the specifications are rejected. At every phase of production, every line of filters undergoes frequent and rigorous inspection and testing to insure that our filtration products will deliver heavy-duty performance.

Integrating Total Quality Management throughout the organization enabled us to ensure minimum variance from filter to filter and from order to order. But state of the art quality systems alone are not enough to ensure high quality filtration products. We believe high quality raw materials coupled with correct manufacturing techniques determine the filtering efficiency and thus product performance.

In the field of OEM automotive filtration, knowing engine manufacturer’s quality standard specification and having the up-to-date instruments and facilities to test these standards guide our R&D and Quality Control people to continuously improve our product quality. We, as an OEM filter supplier to Japanese car makers, try to exceed car manufacturers’ requirements to ensure convenient and trouble-free use of our products.

  Paint Quality Test
      Adhesion cross cut test
      Thickness coat micron test

  Rubber Gasket Test
      Rubber hardness test
      Rubber hot oil resistance


  Filter Paper Test
      Air resistance
      Burst resistance
      Paper pore size

  Spin-on Filter Test
      Pressure release valve test
      Open Pressure for Anti-
        drain back valve
      Pressure loss at rated flow
      Applied pressure at
        leakage test
      Applied pressure at
        breaking test
      Anti-vibration strength
      Leakage test at low temp.
      Pressure drop test
      Impulse pressure test
      Vibration test

  Filter Element Test
      Air flow test
      Bubble test
      Particle retention efficiency

Last updated:  July 2002


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