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At HFMC, commitment to quality is more than a state of mind. It is and always has been a business principle. To date, the HFMC Filter Factory houses one of the most complete production facilities in the world capable of processing almost all parts of a filter. We concentrate on manufacturing filter components instead of just assembling them. This skill in vertical integration speeds problem solving At present, a filter is compose of parts from different industries that is needed to build an automobile. To be able to make a filter, one needs parts combined from METAL STAMPING industry, RUBBER GASKET industry, CHEMICAL industry, , FOAMING Industry, SURFACE COATING industry, PLASTIC industry, GARMENTS industry, MOULD and DIE MAKING industry, QUALITY TESTING and CERTIFICATION industry. We at HFMC believe that through our continuous efforts to acquire and improve our own production capabilities use in the fabrication of filters can we be able to provide our customers one of the best quality products at low cost. Acquiring machines and perfecting these technologies requires a substantial amount of investment and R&D. Your assurance that when you invest in HFMC Filters, you invest in quality.


Last updated:  July 2002


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